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CB Home Housing Loan
Home A Loan
Want to own a home? Our Creditbank CB Home Housing Loan provides you with the flexibility of choosing your own residence. To buy, build or renovate your home, apply today and get a preliminary approval for an unlimited loan amount in less than 24 hrs!

No limitation on loan amount
Simple and fast processing of application 
No limitation on residence type (apartment, villa, chalet, etc.)
No limitation on residence size

With Creditbank’s CB Home Housing Loan, you are not “Home Alone”.
Down payment
Starting 25%
Maximum Loan Period: 30 years including grace period

Maximum Grace Period: 4 years
Commission (on quarterly basis)
2‰ of the quarterly outstanding loan balance
Maximum Loan Amount
Unlimited Amount in USD
File fee: $150 paid by client upon contract signature
Real Estate Expert Fee: Paid by the client, starting $175 depending on the property location and other specifications

Interest Rate: BRR* + 1.5% (Minimum 7.99%)

Annual Percentage Rate: 12.11%

*BRR: Beirut Reference Rate

**Final conditions are set in executable agreements and documents.

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