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Creditbank’s continuous support for Collège Notre Dame Students
"Success doesn't come to you, you've got to go to it."
Collège Notre Dame des Soeurs Maronites - Sahel Alma students have definitely embarked on their journey towards success. Your remarkable grades made us all proud, congratulations!
Creditbank continuous support to Digital Design by Beirut Makers
Beirut Makers impress yet again with the ingenuity of reinventing disappeared designs through digital fabrication! Don’t miss their "Night of the Zombies" exhibition taking place July 1 till July 7 at Starco Center - Downtown.
Recycling Workshop with Association L'Ecoute
Save the planet, one small deed at a time. To really make a difference, together with F. Jean-Marie Chami, Creditbank held a workshop for its team, briefing them on the three R’s: Re-duce! Re-use! Re-cycle!
Thank you Association L’Ecoute for the informative session.
Creditbank continuous support of design evolution by Beirut Makers
Beirut Makers continues to bring design and fabrication together in their latest exhibition: "Wood 2.0: Through the Digital Fabrication Lens". Join and explore new ways to craft wooden objects with today’s digital machines and technology.
The exhibition will be taking place at Gray Gardens Plant Studio in Mar Mikhael, from 28 February to 8 March 2019.
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All electronic transfers carried out through Creditbank Online Banking are certified by the Central Bank of Lebanon under the certification number 11/323 dated August 4, 2012. Creditbank’s number on the BDL list of banks is 103.
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