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Founded in 1981, Creditbank has rapidly grown to become one of Lebanon’s leading banks. It was awarded Alpha Bank status in 2013 when deposits exceeded the USD 2 billion benchmark.

The Bank was first established as Crédit Bancaire by Joseph Khalifé and Fouad Zoghby who, despite the challenging situation in Lebanon during that period, maintained confidence in the country’s financial sector and ability to regain its position as the region’s main banking hub. By adopting a strategy of sustainable growth, the Bank in 2002 acquired Credit Lyonnais s.a.l the subsidiary of the leading French bank Credit Lyonnais, which induced the name change from “Crédit Bancaire” to “Creditbank s.a.l”. Ever since, the Bank has persisted on a path of natural progress.

With a shareholders’ equity of USD 380.7 million (as at 31/12/2019), currently Creditbank’s branch network consists of 15 branches across the country.


The Bank’s main fields of expertise include all types of traditional and emerging banking operations, including Retail and Commercial Banking and Specialized Finance. Creditbank furthermore has a sustained reputation for providing specialized consultancy and advisory services. In addition, the Bank since its establishment in 1981 has been one of the country’s forerunners when it comes to advancing state-of-the-art technologies in its products and services, while providing tailor-made retail solutions, both with the ultimate objective of boosting customer satisfaction.
"…at the heart of Creditbank’s vision
lies the concept of customer centricity"
Moreover, Creditbank’s corporate identity has allowed it to prominently and distinctly establish itself within Lebanon’s highly mature and competitive financial sector. At the heart of Creditbank’s vision lies the concept of customer centricity, which comprises two key components. Firstly, the ability to interact with all its customers and comprehend their every need. Secondly, the aptitude to act and operate professionally in order to find customized solutions and establish long term partnerships.

Creditbank is dedicated to the highest standards of business ethics, transparency and customer protection, as formulated in its corporate governance framework and continues to implement a coherent Corporate Social Responsibility policy, particularly in the fields of youth, health, education and environment.


million USD
Shareholders’ Equity
(as at 31/12/2019)

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All electronic transfers carried out through Creditbank Online Banking are certified by the Central Bank of Lebanon under the certification number 11/323 dated August 4, 2012. Creditbank’s number on the BDL list of banks is 103.
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