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Factoring Services
Your Receivables in Cash!
Factoring is your “debt free” cash-management tool of choice to fund your company’s growth, it is a financial agreement whereby a business owner sells accounts receivable to a third party factor that will collect the receivables from the seller’s customers or debtors. Factoring allows you to receive immediate cash for your invoices enabling you to save time and streamline your cash flow.

Renowned for its emphasis on personalized banking, Creditbank provides an efficient way to finance business-to-business operations through factoring services, has all the financial resources you need and can customize a service package that addresses your requirements. 

The services provided through Factoring:
1. Finance your accounts receivable
2. Manage your accounts receivable (collection, follow-up and credit risk assessment) 
3. Guarantee your accounts receivable (in case your customers default)

The types of Factoring offered by Creditbank:

1. Factoring without recourse: in case of default, Creditbank will bear the risk
2. Factoring with recourse: in case of default, the client will bear the risk
3. Confidential factoring: includes only the financing of receivables  
4. Maturity factoring: includes all services except the financing of receivables  

The benefits of Factoring:
1. Immediately receive cash against your invoices
2. Save time by delegating the management of receivables
3. Focus more on selling which increases your funding; invoice financing grows with your business
4. Assess your (future) customers’ creditworthiness
5. Improve the collection of your receivables
6. Credit risk protection in case of default 
7. Collateral is not required 
8. No liability on your balance sheet or encumber assets, in case of factoring without recourse
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All electronic transfers carried out through Creditbank Online Banking are certified by the Central Bank of Lebanon under the certification number 11/323 dated August 4, 2012. Creditbank’s number on the BDL list of banks is 103.
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