Creditbank Pay Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the “Terms and Conditions” related to the Creditbank Pay App (Hereinafter referred to as: “The App”) to which you have agreed to adhere. The terms used in this Privacy Policy shall bear the meanings given to them in the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.

This Privacy Policy describes and explains how the App may collect, use and share information from and about you. This privacy policy may be subject to modification. Any such modifications will be included in an updated version of this policy to be posted on the App and a notification with this respect will be sent to you by SMS to the mobile number registered at the bank in your name.

Collection and Usage of Your Personal Information

Third Parties

The above information collected by the App will be strictly used internally in Creditbank and will not be disclosed to any third party except to (i) Creditbank’s cards management company (if and when required), noting that the said company committed itself to adhering to Lebanese Banking Secrecy law, (ii) any party Creditbank may deem appropriate regarding matters related to the App or to any transaction executed through the App, and/or (iii) any other competent authority or involved party in case of fraudulent use of the App.

Security Measures

Based on HCE technology, card digitization and tokenization, the App offers a secure platform that supports digital contactless face to face payment transactions using the Digitized Card at Creditbank Pay Merchant, as follows:

Update and Changes of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shall be effective as of 19/07/2018 and shall remain in full force and effect so long as the Card is valid and so long as the App is duly available on your Mobile Device, taking into consideration any future modifications/amendments to the present provisions which will have effect immediately after being posted. We reserve the right to update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and ask you to check it periodically. Your continued use of the App after we post any modifications to the Privacy Policy will constitute your acknowledgement of the modifications made and your consent to abide and be bound by the modified Privacy Policy. If any material change is brought to this Privacy Policy, we will “force update” the App. Moreover, with each update, the changes made will be included in the section denominated ‘What’s New’ in the App. Also, we will send you SMS notifications to the mobile number registered at the bank in your name to inform you of each modification.

Contact Us

Contact Creditbank Call Center 24/7 for any questions about the Privacy Policy Tel: +961 4 727 555